Clear vision

The new owners of STYL Garment Factory have painted a clear vision for the company. Future tasks will focus on excellent service and partnership with customers. Compared to other markets, labor costs are relatively high in Hungary, which is why simple wage labor no longer seems to be competitive. STYL Clothing Factory therefore intends to position itself as a full-fledged service provider in the future. From product development to sample production to complete material production, the company’s service structure extends. Storage of raw materials and trimmings for our customers, as well as storage of finished goods can also be a form of possible cooperation. In addition to these services provided to STYL Garment Factory’s customers, the high quality of the products is also a significant argument. Semi-traditional outfit, large-scale and small-scale production in both men’s and women’s fields, the proximity of customers’ own markets, and the operation of stores within the EU are also additional arguments in favor of STYL Garment Factory in the normal price comparison of production costs. The company is able to meet changing market demands, such as flexibility and speed, with changed processes and manufacturing structure.
Thanks to the sales network development launched in 2020, the re-emerging STYL clothing brand, and the nationwide sales and logistics chain can make our partners to be able to provide direct retail and wholesale access, opening up new opportunities and markets beyond manufacturing.
Discover our new company which ist fromed of the traditional values ​​of the Styl Garment Factory and the merging of modern textile solutions!