The Hungarian state founded the "Women's Clothing Company" by merging 15 tailors. The plant is intended for production for state-owned stores - as with any other factory in Eastern Europe, where materials and supplies were ordered by customers. After the foundation, the production of men's wear products also started.
Another plant was established in Vasvár for the production of women's wear.
The company took the name Styl Garment Company. A new production plant was established in Körmend.
A new factory building was set up in Szombathely in order to meet the rising needs of the eastern market.
Expansion of the factory in Vasvár and relocation to the new headquarters. The factory in Szombathely is expanded again. Men's wear products make up the bulk of production.
Signing of a five-year wage labour contract with Bäumler, who purchasees this year is HUF 84.3 million from STYL
A new jacket production line was handed over from a Bavarian provincial loan with preferential interest rates and foreign capital payments based on close cooperation between Styl and Bäumler. On October 1, Styl was transformed into a Joint Stock Company with a share capital of HUF 481 million. Bäumler is the founder with the largest share.
The factory building in Szombathely was enlarged by almost a third and a large amount of machinery was invested. With the English company Maitland becoming a shareholder, the share capital will increase to HUF 500 million. 84.4% of total production is made to Western Europe and the USA.
The land ownership of all plants was registered in favor of the Company during the privatization, and Styl Ruhagyár Rt. Was listed on the stock exchange.


Due to the difficult market situation, the plants in Vasvár and Körmend were closed and production was concentrated in Szombathely.
The financial situation of the majority shareholder Bäumler and the further decline of the overall market.
The Company had to win new, marketable customers and thereby ensure the continued continuation of production at Styl.
Various strategic investors and the City of Szombathely bought the assets of Styl Rt. From June 1, 2015, the Company operated under a new name, Styl Fashion Kft. The new owner implemented a strong investment program in terms of fleet renewal, IT stock development, property renovation and intensive staff training.
The management of Styl Fashion Kft. Was again in a difficult situation, after it turned out that the company which received the state and municipal rescue belt, had accumulated a significant loss in the previous year.
Tibor Radics and his son bought a seventy percent stake in Styl from the former German owner and immediately began to consolidate the company's situation.