As a traditional Hungarian company, Styl Garment Factory has been a supplier of many international brands in recent decades, its products can be found all over the world, hundreds of thousands of quality clothing products have been delivered from its bands. With the development of the clothing industry and the decline of Europe, STYL also had to provide new answers to new market challenges. The new ownership and management coming in 2019 brought a renewed approach and a dynamic change in the life of the factory. Thanks to the necessary transformations, increased efficiency, a more motivated workforce and new product groups have emerged.
Styl Garment Factory is also engaged in large-scale and small-scale production in both men’s- and women’s wear fields. It represents on the market as a full-service provider, from model development to sample production to full material (CMT) production. We have all the tools we need for modern, flexible customer service. The focus of future tasks will be on excellent service and partnership with customers, which, as a full-service provider, our old-new partners can be sure that the Styl name has not worn out over time.


  • For Styl Garment Factory, the strategy is based on the transition to the production of higher value-added products, where the main determinant of competitiveness is the provision of a complex solution to the user and a high level of quality that meets the needs of the customer.
  • Another area of ​​increasing competitiveness is to increase efficiency and to join to European product chains to find the market share, where Far Eastern production is not an alternative due to time, quality or quantity.
  • An important element of the appearance on the domestic market is the rebuilding of the Styl brand and the extensive development of our own store network and partner network, in which the products made by the factory can be sold at a higher profit margin. We also make the sales network available to our international partners, so in addition to production, sales and logistics on the Hungarian market can also be part of our service.
  • We have developed new product groups for our institutional and corporate customers, so Styl wants to compete in uniforms, and workwear as well.
Discover our new company which ist fromed of the traditional values ​​of the Styl Garment Factory and the merging of modern textile solutions!