CAD / CAM, Bullmer, Knife, Juki, Conti, Strobel, Pfaff, ASS, Brisay

High quality can only be achieved with the right manufacturing technology and highly skilled workers. Styl’s entire manufacturing process is highly automated, equipped with the best equipment on the market. This allows for small-scale and semi-traditional elaboration as well as the processing of special materials. Technical preparation includes editing, grading, layout drawing, and MTM preparation. Assyst’s CAD / CAM system, and Silanus ERP system, supports the process. The cuttin department has automatic tailoring machines and a cutting machines with the partially needle tables. The fabrics used are inspected by experienced workers for quality, srinkage and width before processing, and the trimmings are also quality controlled. For all fabrics whose quality allows it, the back, sleeve and seat seams are iron formed for a perfect fit and comfort.
In the sewing room, Yuki columbia-stichers and Conti AMF-stitchers were set for different types of stitching. Strobel pricking machines and Pfaff darting machines, ASS pocket machines and Brisay iron forming machines guarantee high quality. To achieve the best quality, all seams are not only ironed but also pressed. The ironing technology is provided in part by ironing heads and ironing tables developed specifically for Styl by Brisay. Quality control plays a crucial role in the preparation of products, accompanying every step of the manufacturing process. This ensures to detect any possible defects at an early stage, long before the last quality control.